Hello, boy and girls! It’s been a long while. I do apologize for the wait, but I’ve now finally done some major updating! I added the Soul of the Duelist, Rise of Destiny, and Dark Beginnings 1 checklists. I also added a sneek peek to the upcoming sets Flaming Eternity and Dark Revalations. I even added the long-absent Forbidden List. I also gave the Yu-Gi-Oh! homepage a spiffier Mega Man X3 Doppler Stage theme.I was way behind in the Yu-Gi-Oh! section.*heh heh* I also added the Season 4 episode guide for Teen Titans. And now for the big news. I have just recently completed the ENTIRE episode guide for TTGC!! Isn’t that great?! Obviously it will be a while before the episodes are completed in their entirity, but for now, you may glimpse at what lies ahead for our young heroes. Eriopolis and ODK have FINALLY, AT LONG LAST, UPDATED!! No, you heard right. UPDATED. So go check them out. Also, speaking of which, Eriopolis has allowed AnJa to use their Yu-Gi-Oh! library. And I will. Well, that’s all for now!

“Until next time, you stay classy, planet earth.”

-Ron Bergandy from “Anchorman.”

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