Hello, boys and girls! I’m back again! I see you probably already saw my main update: the new and improved Index page with a stream of “Head Like A Hole” by Nine Inch Nails. Well, I wanted to add more, believe me, but my data transfer limit was exceeded yet again (curse you, Internet midgets!!!). The Ranma 1/2 section was officially started on today. It should be up in no time.

In other news, after nearly 20 years of waiting, I finally get my own room!!! Because my stepsisters aren’t coming over anymore, I get to super-gank their room. I start moving in this Sunday. Huzzahh!!

That’s about it for today. Until next time, take ‘er easy!

“Come one. Come all. To Tendo Training Hall!”

-Excerpt from the song “Ranma Saotome” by Luke Ski.

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