Sup, everybody! I have some good news. Well, it looks like my move to Tripod was a bit premature. I have decided to stay here on Geocities. I’m now having my large music files on Tripod directed here to free up space (which, by the way, royally messes with the structure of the page).

In other news, my 2nd interview with Wal-Mart was last Thursday and while it was a tad rocky, I think I hit it off pretty well with my interviewer, Matthew, who actually graduated from the same ITT Tech that I’m going to right now! He majored in Multimedia. He said that due to the massive amount of people sending in their apps, it might be from 1 week to 1 1/2 weeks before anyone would call me to set up my 3rd & final interview. I called up the hiring center on Sunday and they told me (very rude-like, I might add) that it’s not open today and to call back tommorrow. So, I did. And I was redirected to the Wal-Mart training center because I guess the area the hiring center was located at cost too much for rent so they moved somewhere else. Anyway, I called them and they said pretty much the same thing that Matthew did. Oh, well. At least I made myself known. I’ll give them a call back either this coming Thursday or Friday.

Last Friday was the start of Season Two of the King of Games Tournament. Unfortunatly, I was unable to come due to lack of parental approval because they were out & about. Ben had broken out of retirement and dueled. I’m not sure if it was a one-time deal or what. More to come on that issue. Anyway, I believe Ryan won that one, again. He is beginning to annoy me. The first time I dueled him, I had previously beaten a bunch of newbies, so my guard was down because I thought that Ryan was having beginner’s luck. I could have beaten him twice, but I held back. The next time we duel, I will go all out. No holding back. Now that I know his strategies, I will crush him in the next duel. Which is, if I’m not mistaken, next Friday. I am ready for you, Ryan. But the question is, are you ready for me? I am the Season 1 winner of the King of Games Tournament. I have beaten the best to earn my spot: Eric, Ben, Jake, and Alex B. I’ve beaten them all. And when the Tournament of Champions rolls around, I will retain my title as King of Games. So set your calandar for next Friday. Because I’m coming. And I’m bringing my A-game with me.

Well, now that I got that out of the way, I have more good news. I received my Ranma 1/2 DVDs last Thursday. Huzzah! As of this update, I’m up to only Disc 3 of 5. There are about 13 or so episodes per disc. I will definatly get the next set when I can.

Update-wise, unless you count the new location of my large music files, none really. Now that I know I’m staying here on Geocities, I will bring you more updates as I can. Until then, have a good one!

“What did you do with Shampoo, you dried-up monkey?!”

-Mousse talking to Cologne, I’m assuming.

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