Sup, everybody and welcome to AnJa 2!! If any of you peeps out there have been wonderin’ what I was up to, this is it. AnJa 2 originally started off as my final project for my web design class. And now, it has become a reality. In other words, it’s alive!!! So enjoy that fresh browser smell and look around my site. You may even learn a thing or two.

Now if you look hard enough, you may notice that I have taken off the TTGC from the site. Never fear! The reason I did this is simple, really. 1, to avoid copycats and such, and 2, because I’ll be working on bringing at least one fully-fledged episode to the site for your viewing pleasure. Who knows? If things go smoothly, then you may even get an e-comic! But I’m getting ahead of myself..

Well, everyone. This is where I leave you. Take care now!

“What you have concealed, you shall become!”

-Trigon from Teen Titans.

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