06-20-2009 Singing Videos 04 – Runnin With The Devil

*11-17-2009 Update – Due to accused copyright infringement from my Heartbreaker singing video, I have decided to pull all of the singing videos from 06-20-2009 to avoid any additional action being done to my YouTube account, which includes it potentially being shut down. I’m planning on putting the videos back up here exclusively, so stay tuned for that!*

TheAndySan – 06-20-2009 Singing Videos 04 – Runnin With The Devil

Sorry about the delay, folks! I completely lost track of time and forgot to post the fourth installment of my new vlogging series, Runnin With The Devil by Van Halen.

Since this is David Lee Roth-era Van Halen and not Van Hagar, I’m in pretty comfortable vocal territory. It’s not my best range, but it’s very doable. With that in mind, here comes yet another Van Halen fanboy rant *groan where appropriate*:

When it comes to Diamond Dave or the Red Rocker, I prefer Dave mostly because of the tunes. Van Hagar in my never-to-be-humble opinion is a completely different animal than Van Halen (hence the nickname). Not better or worse, but different. I loved Sammy’s solo stuff (let’s face it, who doesn’t totally rock out when I Can’t Drive 55 is on the radio?) and unflappably adore Van Halen.

When they came together, the music they made was completely uncharacteristic of both parties. I’ll admit, I got more than annoyed when Eddie wouldn’t stop playing the damn keyboard and practically left his guitar to collect dust. “Jump” was pretty damn cool, but it was a bad idea to keep going in that direction.

Thankfully, they came to their senses and got Dave back at the cost of Michael Anthony, the unsung (although his legendary background vocals would say otherwise) rock of a bass player. It’s no biggie since both he and Sammy are kickin’ out the jams (mothafucker!) with Chickenfoot, which also consists of Joe Satriani and Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Okay, rant time is over, shower time is now!

The next video , which will be released later on today, will be me singing Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. It’ll drive you banana!!

I love my l33t Pat Patterson reference, ololol!


P.S: The miniseries will be taking a break on Friday the 26th (although I might release a video early that morning) and will resume on Monday the 29th (but possibly the Sunday before, if I get back here in time). I will be up in Michigan with my family at Jon and my cousin’s grad party.

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