06-20-2009 Singing Videos 05, 06, 07, 08, & 09 – Crazy Train, Carry On My Wayward Son, Unchained, Fool For Your Loving, & A Tout Le Monde

*11-17-2009 Update – Due to accused copyright infringement from my Heartbreaker singing video, I have decided to pull all of the singing videos from 06-20-2009 to avoid any additional action being done to my YouTube account, which includes it potentially being shut down. I’m planning on putting the videos back up here exclusively, so stay tuned for that!*

Holy crap, I completely lost track of uploading the videos!! I’m sorry, guys! I blame work and extreme laziness.

I had a most wonderful time in Michigan! I met some really fun people, went intertubing on a boat, caught up with my family, and enjoyed some great food that I didn’t have to pay for!! Speaking of food, I’m gonna put in more effort to eat more fruit as well as cook my own meals instead of always eating out so I don’t gain a bazillion pounds like I did when I went to UU.

TheAndySan – 06-20-2009 Singing Videos 05 – Crazy Train

This beast of a song is always fun to sing, even though I’m not always in tune, haha! By this point, my voice is feelin’ a little wear and those high notes get harder to sing. Also, I noticed that the music is pretty loud so you can’t hear me totally suck, lol!

TheAndySan – 06-20-2009 Singing Videos 06 – Carry On My Wayward Son

Carry On My Wayward Son sits in a high register territory and because of that, I totally bombed this one. This will be one-starred fo’ sho’!

TheAndySan – 06-20-2009 Singing Videos 07 – Unchained

Like Runnin’ With The Devil, Unchained is still David Lee Roth-era Van Halen and not Van Hagar, so I’m in good standing vocally speaking (no pun intended). My voice is a tad on the gritty side, but I think that it fits with the song better than totally clean singing. Also, I noticed that I seem lost with some of the lyrics. Oh well, better luck next time…

TheAndySan – 06-20-2009 Singing Videos 08 – Fool For Your Loving

Surprisingly, my voice didn’t peter out singing this one! Once again, I get lyrically (as well as musically) lost with this one, but that’s because the 1988 version with Steve Vai has been practically engraved into the ridges of my brain.

TheAndySan – 06-20-2009 Singing Videos 09 – A Tout Le Monde

Here it is, the last part of my Singing Videos (aka Suckfest 2009, lol)!! Around this time, my voice was roached, but I really pushed it with this song.

Despite several delays, I hope you guys have enjoyed my Singing Videos miniseries! I’ll be recording some vlogs that I’ll put up on YouTube within the week, depending on how involved I get with it.

Well, I’m going to be catching up with Gakuen Alice so I’ll see you guys later. Bye now!


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