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W3Ll i’M G0nn4 g0 4nD pl4Y 50m3 gUI74R 50 533-y’4lL N3x7 7Im3!!!1


P.S: For those of you who can’t read leet, here’s the translation:

One Week Later…

Yo it be the Andy-San hurr in my dormroom chizzillin’.

This week’s been kinda quite. I’m still getting things ready for OSU, and all I have left to do is send out the transfer form and then wait for a response. I went on a walk to Wal-Mart with Dan to get some shorts cuz the ones that I have don’t fit me now. I’m sure with all this walking around and eating light, I’ll get back down to a size-34 with no problem.

In other news, I’m also still practicing guitar like crazy and I’m coming up with all sorts of heavy riffs. One of my sources of inspiration for coming up with my own riffs is Marty Friedman. He was a former lead guitarist for Megadeth and played in other bands like Hawaii and Cacophony with Jason Becker, who’s another of my favorites. Marty is also having a good deal of success as a solo artist and as a host of a couple of heavy-metal themed shows in Japan, such as my personal favorite Rock Fujiyama.

Oh, that reminds me. Ben recently got a new guitar for his upcoming 18th birthday (Happy Early Birthday Dude!!). It’s a Dean Dimebag Razorback Shards and it kicks ass!! I can’t wait to see it, hear it, and play it (if he lets me) for myself.

Well I’m gonna go and play some guitar so see-y’all next time!!!1


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