Sup, y’all! It’s me again, comin’ to ya from ITT Tech in Dayton! I just added the Tournament page in the Yu-Gi-Oh section. The figures will be updated once I get them from Eric. As for my Teen Titans section, I will add stuff to it when I get home. I will only add bios and such. I won’t add the fanfic itself until the dialog is complete. Each issue will contain 4 episodes. I plan on having it run for about 7 years, or 84 issues, or 336 episodes. In other news, Super Tuesday is approaching. Personally, I’ll vote 4 Kerry b/c Bush killed jobs, Americans, and raised gas prices. Although I don’t wholly agree with Kerry’s views, anybody but Bush that can actually win would get my vote. I prefer Dean myself, but, alas; Kerry took him down. Well, children; I’d better get goin’. Catch ya later!


-Howard Dean

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