English Is My Win!!

Sup guys it’s the Andy-San here in my dorm.

Today I had my essays proofread by Dr. George, whom I’ve heard great things about from several people. He definitely didn’t disappoint as he took apart both of my essays, one of which I handed in previously and received an A+ on. Other than my frequent tense shifts, he really liked my essays. He asked me what class they were for and he couldn’t believe that I’m in a lower level English. He said that I should be in one of his classes instead! Although I think that it’s too late to switch classes, I’ll be sure to request him in the fall semester since he’ll be out of the country in the summer. I’ll also look into minoring in English as well. If you wanna see my essays, be sure to check out my Facebook.

Phil and I were going to do a file swap around 4 but I ended up talking with Dr. George a little bit longer than I’d originally intended (no complaints about that) so we rescheduled it to 6. I still need to get more of his music files as well as some of his anime, but before I proceed, I’ll buy at least a 10 pack of DVD+Rs so I can reappropriate some space between my hard drives.

In other news, I went up to the music store today. A nice acoustic caught my attention in the used section and I think that if I buy an acoustic it’ll be something like that. It’s a used Alvarez RD9VP I believe.

Well I’m gonna go catch some zs so night!


P.S: I FINALLY FOUND A SONG THAT I’VE BEEN HUNTING FOR!!!!1 I’m listening to it right now.

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