My Christmas Epilogue

Hello everyone it’s the Andy-San here at home again.

Christmas was good. I got the new Yoshi’s Island DS, some clothes, and the Prodikey (that’s coming around Thursday). Our big gift was the XBox 360 with Gears of War and Lego Star Wars II as the games. My stepdad rented Need For Speed Carbon initially for XBox but we got the 360 version after he found out it wasn’t compatible with the 360 (so much for backwards-compatibility, huh?). Renting it originally costed about $8 for 7 nights but after some explaining to the cashier that we didn’t know that it was incompatible for the 360, he grudgingly gave us credit for the game and we only paid the difference (around $3 or so). My stepdad and bro have been playing it almost nonstop since they got it. I’ve been playing my new game and I’m stuck on Level 3-1 where you have to climb this vine while avoiding this falling bomb. And did I mention that the stage is moving upward so if you fall offscreen you die?

In other news, E and his folks are going shopping all day in Indiana with their Christmas money so recording is postponed until tomorrow at least. I hope that this project doesn’t get the usual scrapping that our other ones got. I’ve been practicing my parts and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

I’m also gonna give UU a call later on to see if they received my appeals yet.

Well I’m gonna go eat something so take care everybody!


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