The Garden

Sup everyone it’s the Andy-San here with good news.

E has mixed my untitled song proper and it sounds much better than before. However, there are a couple of rocky transitions so I gave him some new riffs to help the transitions from clean to distorted and back to clean flow better (props if you can logically process this sentence). I’m thinking of calling my song “The Garden”. This is E’s mix before adding the new supporting riffs:

Tonight Dan, E, and I went to the Name That Tune contest in the student center. I was speaking like Skwisgaar Skwigelf (blatantly ctrl-c’d) from Metalocalypse the whole time. I won $5 and a foldable frisbee. I also had Tuco take pictures of me and himself in our balloon hats that we got there. I’ll put them up for you guys to look at.

Well I’m gonna go to bed so peace!


One thought on “The Garden

  1. I hope you get better!!  Your picture is… interesting.  Do I even want to know what the balloon is supposed to be?  My brother is friends with your brother Jon.  Your brother told me to suck balls.  I was offended.  šŸ˜›

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