Here I Go Again…To Pennsylvania For Turkey Day!!!

Sup guys it’s the Andy-San here preparing for my journey to Pennsylvania to eat turkey with my stepdad’s relatives.

I have enjoyed my stay here at UU thus far. I’m gonna miss it when I go back home for winter break. I’m gonna miss my freedom of doing whatever whenever. I’m gonna miss being fairly close to town and walking there to get something if I wanted to. I’m gonna miss my new friends.

In other news, I bought new picks (uber-thin .038 mm Dunlops) the other day and they rock! I also recorded a rough draft copy of that song Ben and I did (Ben recorded all of it but I showed him the main riffs). This time I played the whole song and I also added new riffs and changed some things. Keep in mind that it’s a rough draft so the transitions between riffs aren’t exactly streamline to the ear (although the actual soundwaves are). Check it out in my Audio section.

This blog is also a first in the history of TheAndySan’s Xanga; I’m gonna add my first AudioBlog to my Audio section. It’s gonna be of me reading this blog.

Well that’s all for now. Until next time, take ‘er easy and I’ll see ya when I come back on Monday!


P.S: I hope you guys leave me plenty of comments to snack on, lol!!!

P.S.S: Here’s my first ever AudioBlog:

Here’s my song:

Here’s the version Ben did:

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