I'm Having Love Hina Withdrawal!!!

Hey guys long time no post! Actually it’s only been a little over a week but on the Internets that’s like a year or something (did anyone notice the lack of a “Hey it’s the Andy-San” intro to this post?).

I have just finished reading Love Hina and it is my #1 favorite manga of all time. I’m so sad that it’s over that I’ve begun to rewatch the anime series (OMFG SPOILZORS “The ending was well done and Motoko grew her hair long again which I loved” /OMFG SPOILZORS). I’ve decided that when I get my car, one of the things I’ll buy is the entire Love Hina manga (14 volumes at about $10 a pop so $140 for the whole kit ‘n kaboodle), the Love Hina anime series on DVD including Love Hina Again and the 2 specials, and a Love Hina wallscroll.

In other news, it”s almost time for my midterm exams. I don’t feel like we’ve done much thus far so I shouldn’t be too worried. I visited my family this past weekend and got a haircut too.

Well that’s all I got for now. See ya later!


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