Can I Have Your Attention Plzkthx?

Look! I’m holding something shiny!! Pay attention to me!!! The lack of comments makes me all sad and junk. And enough attention-whoring for the moment. Sup my peeps, it be the Andy-San again kickin’ it in my dorm.

This weekend was boring. Saturday I had to work twice so buh-bye free time. Sunday was more productive though. I had the day off and spent it watching Negima and reading the Love Hina manga (both are the shit btw). I’m thinkin’ about buying the Negima series cuz the subs for the ones I got annoy the everloving piss outta me. The Love Hina manga (I’m on Vol. 5 now) is just as addicting as the anime and I’m pissed that the anime didn’t get 52 eps instead of 25 plus specials. And there’s something else I might buy after I get a car; Love Hina manga and the 2 specials that I need. I’ll just add it to the growing collective of stuff I’ll buy after I get a car; a new guitar (probably the Dean ML Phantom or if that Jackson Performer Ps-4 is still at the music store in Celina cuz I need something with a Floyd Rose on it), a new amp (probably a small Marshall), a GB stick of RAM for my computer, a new soundcard, a graphics card, and some other stuff that I’ll think of later.

Well I’m off to either read more Love Hina or watch some more Negima so peace!


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