Once Again Fanning The Flames of War!!!

Hey everyone it’s the Andy-San kickin’ back after another crappy day at work.

Today was blah. It was raining the majority of the day so I got soaked going to my first class. I came back and chilled for a bit then went to a crappy lunch. Alex called Nelson again and left a message.

I think this whole Alex-Nelson-Sara thing is funny. It’s like an Internet Flame War come to life! Now there are some who think that it’s wrong of me or anyone else to get involved. True it may not be our place to interfere, but I don’t take this whole debacle seriously and I don’t think anyone besides Alex-Nelson-Sara do either. And besides, we’re cool with Alex about it and it provides us with some entertainment as well. Now back to my regularly scheduled post.

I totally skipped math because of the rain and I don’t think my grades would improve with or without me there anyway.  Like I said before, work was crappy. I’m seriously considering a new job cuz it’s driving me up a wall. If I just stay at my post, I get bored to tears and the workers get annoyed with me. But if I go and clean stuff up, people just sneak in and I don’t wanna go hunting for them like the Kitchen Nazi. Also, training was very vague even after asking questions and people expected me to just know what to do at all times. Granted I have 4 years of restaurant experience at McDoanld’s, but that’s McDoanld’s and I need to know how THEY do things and not just do everything the McDoanld’s way. The only reason I would stay is because it’s right across from my dorm. But I digress…

I’m going home this weekend to catch up with my folks and do some laundry cuz the machines here are not equipped for heavy loads (or any loads for that matter). Well I’m gonna go to bed now cuz I’m sleepy. Maybe after this one episode of Azumanga Daioh…Peace!


4 thoughts on “Once Again Fanning The Flames of War!!!

  1. Kitchen Nazi… very catching. 

    I don’t know.  I’ve been wondering when he’s gonna update, myself. 

    Be happy. 

    You added me on yahoo!!  Yaness!!



    and more joy.

     Be happy Wal-Mart Andy.


    you are loved.

    I LOVE YOU!!

    Yes.  I do.

    And so do many many many more individuals.

    You are loved!!


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