Happy Terrorist Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Please don’t kill me for the title as it is strictly for humorous purposes. With that said, sup everybody it’s the Andy-San back in the Xanga saddle again.

Not a whole lot has happened since last I posted. Alex is still trying to get me laid, Kate is trying to hook me up with one of her friends, and I’ve started a Facebook club to help me get some as well (The Help Andy Get Laid More Foundation).

I was gonna go home this past weekend but I forgot to tell work that I was leaving on Fri so they scheduled me to work that day (assholes). So I got all of Sat and Sun off for nought. Oh well I’ll try again this coming weekend. I also need to do my laundry at home cuz the washers/dryers here suck big time.

Genshiken UU is coming along smoothly I think despite our rocky start (for those who haven’t heard, one of our members broke a brand-new table at our first meeting in the brand-new student center. It was only a busted leg and he paid for it so it’s smoothed over). I’m the VP and I also need to request Thursdays off or work at the student center grill at night to attend meetings. We will be starting off by watching 4 episodes per meeting with discussion in between. Thus far we have 3 officers; Prez (E), VeePee (Me), and Secretary (Amanda)

Today E, Phil, and I went to Pizza Hut for the buffet and the bill was $20.01. One Word: IRONY!!!!!!!!! And it is still indeed serious business.

I guess I DID do a lot in the past 6 days. Well I’m gonna watch some more Azumanga Daioh so peace!


14 thoughts on “Happy Terrorist Day!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I effing want to know what the hell a facebook is.. I am not cool enough to know .. someone explain it with great detail .. please and thank you! so how is Andy?? funny title for a blog that has nothing to do about terrorist day lol … I love your randomness!!

  2. And because a certain someone’s gonna delete these comments, here they are in all their glory:

    #1: God-Damn Pooper-Scooper!!! I hope Alex dick-smacks him!!!

    #2: And I hope he does not kill himself

    kill himself



    kill himself

  3. And the trifecta: And by the way, you fail at insulting my friends. All the labor’s being exported to countries like China, India, and Mexico. But what can one expect from a fhorn player?

  4. Another comment from “Alex’s” Xanga:

    We could apologize…or give Sara some of that lovely ClownPenisClownPenisClownPenis…dot fart!!!

    No wait, what am I saying? One could get lost in her gina.

  5. Yet another quote: We aren’t getting lost LOOKING FOR a vagina; we would get lost IN YOUR vagina (assuming we would attempt to fuck you).

    So do you charge Nelson rent to live in your gina?

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