my firstistst drinunkarkd postaca

note: do not take onun to me one Andy-San that I am on a drunken convulationitive natwa. Tihis is of forebeing houmorastizadramamine

Spupuku mein fallow peoplepoel ittasme the Andy-San. I am quitete drink and i made ez coumopooker ave serioious gaerror withc iz butter then error. imgoingonna poot catarl si uoonto hurr fro mas an except frfrom vgmix:;”t

Dude dud due I’m toly drunk rigthhh now. Tis like my firs timmy. I
wrecked E’s compooker byu giving it serious gerror witch is warse
then”t error cuz it fuck’t thee scrn reslutiondora. I had lek 3 drinks
of this thing withcsand included butt wasnt limitedd tuu lemon vodka
(no corporating bride ashine). an officially-sanctioned ting is is that
ppl can underubersunk me beter thyn E cuz we went on a drunken escapee
(ok so I went on a drunken boobular). I wrote on no more
than 99 marker boreds. We were compleating the All jo Basic prog in our
basaic classss cuz our teach is like jimi hendrix if h e took
robutussion in the ass (good news everyone,; it’s a suppository) and
him moms druppt them in the side walk/ thats rigtrh he looks lik that
guy from american pie. he was like th dad or pzantz or coutch. Butt I
digessreganeratintosomethingfoo. But i won double qoute tee
(manicalical laghtufter) Ok i rly well saup (tew much manicaliacal
laslaugther) Thanx (nario copyrigthtedturner smile eee) far plaiyi g.
Jews are cow dunmberer having red dtis postcerael,

Thaita is aboot all foreskin today. Peas out mein froiendsz! “t


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