160 Views!!!1 Liek, zOMG!!!1

Evenin’, it’s the Andy-San here with some great news!

My daily view record is now up to 160 and the day was April 5th. Holy mother-f’n ass-crackers, Batman! I guess I’m startin’ to pull in some traffic now, huh?

I do apologize for the rather spotty updates, but I’ve been very busy. If you didn’t already know, I’ve got my old job at Wal-Mart back and I’ve escaped Toxic Hell. I don’t get a day off until this coming Saturday so it’s gonna be rough, but it’ll be worth it when I get my new computer.

Speaking of computers, I recently did a clean install (format and install) of Windows to my current computer in hopes of getting rid of this stuttering problem it’s been having. Unfortunantly, it’s still here so it must be a hardware issue or something. My guess is that it’s my sound card, but like I said before, it’s really irrelevent because I’ll be getting a new computer, so yeah.

If you guys were wondering when I’m gonna get off my arse and finally do a proper Love Hina review and a Bleach review, you’ll have to wait until I get my new computer since my current one is acting weird. Sorry about the wait!

In other news, I learned how to play most of the intro to Jane by Jefferson Starship. I believe that after I get my computer and put away some money in savings, I’ll finally get a new amp. I’ve said before that I want the Peavey ValveKing 212 combo since it’s not only the cheapest all-tube combo, but it sounds pretty darn good too. However, I looked in Carvin’s recent catalog, and I found a combo amp that could be even better. It’s called the Carvin MTS3212. It has 5 12ax7 preamp tubes compared to the ValveKing’s 3 and weighs 6 1/2 lbs less than the ValveKing too (a boon for combos). It can also toggle between being 50 watts and 100 watts. However, the ValveKing can toggle between Class A and Class AB operation and is $100 cheaper than the MTS3212. Unless I find a killer deal on eBay, I’m going with the MTS3212.

Well, I’m gonna go to bed so I’ll see you guys later and keep those views coming!! Nighty-night!


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