I'm Almost There…

…To Urbana that is. Sup guys it’s the Andy-San here.

Today, Urbana received my transcript and I’m being reviewed by the admissions people. I also sent an email to them explaining my poor grades at ITT Tech and what I’ll do to prevent it from happening at Urbana. I applied for a loan to help me get a car and other things but I was declined. Perhaps I’ll try again but I’ll ask for a much lower amount next time. I didn’t get to clean out my car today cuz E was busy doin’ cleaning of his own. I’ve decided to keep my MP3 player and I’ll have to save up for a car at Urbana. It will be grueling, but I shall prevail! I finished watching Chobits and I highly recommend it. Now I’ll finish watching Mahoromatic.

But for now, I’ll go to bed soon. Night!


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