Chobits Is Awesome!!!

…But not as good as Genshiken! Hey it’s the Andy-San again.

Today was a mix of awesome and crap. First the good. I went over to E’s to kick it. His mom was baking cookies (which were good btw ^_^) and I convinced them to buy the Fiery Habanero Doritos, the hottest chips I’ve ever had. We watched E’s speeches and someone else’s. Eriopolis talked about how to pass speech class, ninjas, something else that he fast-forwarded, and how to program with Basic on a TI-81 to 83 calculator. The other guy did a speech about how Mozilla Firefox is the best thing to come out since individually-sliced cheese. We were acting shocked whenever he would explain some features on Firefox (Him: “You can have a search engine next to your address bar”. Us: “No Wai!!! Rly?!!”). Then we pretty much just chilled the rest of the time.

And now the bad. This morning when I woke up to go pee, it felt like I was blacking out because I couldn’t see and my hearing was crap. I thought I was gonna die or something. Fortunatly everything came back and I feel fine now physically.When I was about to go back home, I told E’s bro about my car having a hard time starting up. Now it won’t even start up. So he got his dad to check it out and he said that the starter’s busted (the same thing my stepdad said). It’s parked in his yard and I won’t be able to do anything to it until I get paid this week. In a sense it’s good that it’s in a safe spot but it sucks that I couldn’t make it home. So now I’m in a pinch. I can’t go to work because no one will either pick me up or drop me off and I live way too far away to walk. I’ll call Wal-Mart and tell them what’s going on and if they want me in they’ll have to send someone to get me. I don’t want to do that but what else can I do?

In other news, I recorded the first Essay of Nothing via Microsoft Sam a couple days ago(not sure if I posted about this) and now I’ve finished recording the second Essay of Nothing. All I need to do is add music to them and I’ll put them up on ODK’s MySpace. Also, my guitar project is coming along. I Photoshop’d a concept but I think that it needs more pizazz. Some tentative names for it are the Nintendocaster, the Nintencaster, the 8-bitcaster, and the Spritecaster (my personal fav right now). I also added E’s bro’s karate pwnage video to YouTube and on ODK’s MySpace as well so be sure to check that out.

Well I’m off to watch some more Chobits before heading to bed so peace-out!


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