Sup guys it’s the Andy-San here kickin’ it after another day at work.

Work had the potential to be super-awesome, but it turned out to be crap. I was scheduled to be in Layaway all day but I was only there for an hour and they shipped me to a register for awhile (boring as hell), then made me do returns (which is good cuz I don’t have to deal with crappy customers), and then sent me to Electronics (which was grate). Now here’s where it goes bad. I was taking someone’s spot in Electronics so he could go to lunch for an hour. When he came back, I was checking out a customer and after that I told the other person there (not him) I was going to the bathroom before I went back up front. I heard a page for me while I was taking care of business (cuz The Bathroom Is Serious Business). I finished up and went to talk to the manager. She said I’d been gone for 15 minutes! My fat white ass!! So after all that mess I get shipped to Lawn & Garden for another hour. It’s around this time that I usually get my second break so I talk to a different manager about it. She’s busy dealing with a customer so I tag along as she zips from place to place. After the customer’s taken care of she tells me that the previous manager said I took 15 minutes getting from Electronics to her so it constitutes as my break. What the hell?! And because it bears repeating; what the hell?! So I spent the rest of my shift on a register.

Today wasn’t all bad. I did talk to Christy again for the first time since I left for vacation. Her cell phone got ran over which is why she didn’t answer when I was in Florida. She got a new one today and I called her up to test it out and it works.

In other news, I called the lady at Bluffton and she wasn’t at her desk so I left a voice message. I’m gonna call her back tomarrow and see if I can get transfered to Bluffton.

I think that from now on I’m gonna get a guitar workout the same day as my usual workout cuz I’ve had my guitar for about a year-and-a-half and I’m not where I want to be skill-wise. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Practice is key I know, but I think that I need a teacher to help me out or at least someone experienced to jam with. I think that practicing by yourself is boring cuz you have no one to help you out if you get stuck on a part or you need a knowledgble second opinion on something.

Well I think that’s enough for today so good-night everyone! (IRONY!!!)


Weight: 207 lbs

One thought on “Must…Go…To…College!!!

  1. haha sorry about the lack of break-ness. when i worked at wendy’s i hardly ever got a break. it was such a shitty job. i’m glad i don’t work there anymore.


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