Hi everybody! Well, Alex’s tournament started off today, and I only got 2nd. Oh well. Better luck next time. I just got word from Eric that he has taken over Alex’s tourney and Season 2 will officially start March 4th.

I have done some tweeking to the site, such as updating the Teen Titans Episode Guide and adding more characters to the Ranma 1/2 section. It will definatly take some time before it’s complete.

But my major updates are in the Yu-Gi-Oh! section. I added the updated checklist for Dark Revalation 1 and new sneek peeks for Dark Revalations 2, Dark Beginning 2, and the Scorched Earth Structure Deck. They’re da bomb!

In other news, my room will be up sooner than expected. Instead of starting on it Sunday, it will be Saturday. Huzzah! I’ll have to pick up some paint after I decide on a good color. After it completly dries, I’ll start the tedious process of moving all my crap into the room.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye for today. Check out Wednesday’s update for a special surprise if you can find it (hint: Strike Him!). Until next time, peace out.

“Curse those evil octopi!”

-Genma talking about octopi, obviously.

(Like last time, I don’t know the exact situation. I just found this clip on the Internet.)