Whuzzupp!!! I’ve done some major, MAJOR updating!! I’ve added the Trigun, Lupin III, and Excel Saga sections like I promised. Not too much to them yet. More to come.

I’ve finally figured out how to add MP3s without exceeding my data transfer limit. I can’t say how, or else I might get in trouble and everybody will copy off of me.

My interview with Wal-Mart went well. I’m going in for my second interview Thursday at 1pm. I can’t wait!!

I recently received an e-mail from MegAnimeDVD.com saying that my money order came in and my DVDs are on their way. They should be in within the week, like Friday or something.

Well, it’s time for me to leave you all. See ya later!!

“Hoist with my own petard!”

-Kuno (I think) from Ranma 1/2 (Why are you even reading these when you know what I’m gonna say?)