Adventures In Layaway

Hey y’all it’s the Andy-San here chizzillin’ after a lazy day at work.

Today I mostly worked back in Layaway. It was fun because you got to choose when to go to break and you’re not bothered by managers. When I didn’t do Layaway I wondered from dept to dept straighting up items and stuff. I talked to Suzie the 3rd shift manager about a potential opening but she said that it was already taken. That sucks but then again I might be getting a job with the Connection Center when Cool Eric quits to go elsewhere.

I leave for sunny Florida this Friday! I’m so excited! In other news, Monday is when I’ll try to get a hold of Wright State and set up an appointment or whatever. I’m also gonna work out then because I forgot to do it today (or technically yesterday).

Well I’m gonna watch some more Mahoromatic so good-night everybody!


Weight: 204.2 lbs

2 thoughts on “Adventures In Layaway

  1. Good stuff that you’re still losing weight. I’m glad that you are keeping up your workout. This wednesday you and I actually have the same workout day so we can both workout and Eric, and Cody might join us from now on as well. So yeah… that’s all peace!

  2. I would comment, but I don’t understand your comment on my site.  Hmm… *contemplates*  No, still don’t understand.

    But hey- I still never got a thank you from you for getting rid of my awesome xanga song on your behalf.  Humph.


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