N-FAQs 03 – Boot Camp Q&A

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In this week’s episode of N-FAQS, I answer some of your questions about Navy boot camp!

Question 1: How much money do u get after boot camp?

Response: It all depends on your rank and how much you spend, but I had about $1,500 right after boot camp.

Question 2: Do they make y’all eat fast?

Response: Depends on your definition of “fast”. Normally, we’d get about 15-20 minutes to eat.

My suggestion would be to pick soft foods as you spend less time chewing them (bananas over apples). Speaking of which, bananas are an excellent choice because they give you an energy boost and help with muscle fatigue. I’d usually grab two at a time whenever they were available.

Also, hydration and overall health are paramount so I’d suggest grabbing two glasses for every meal: one for water and one for either orange juice or cranberry juice. Seriously, it’ll save you unnecessary trips to medical and hassle in general.

Question 3: How much do they make y’all run?

Response: They progressively make you run more during PT time and it’ll be really intimidating when you first look at it, but by the time you get to that point, your body will be well-adjusted to it and it won’t be much of a problem.

They do make you march a lot, but I think that helps with the running.

Question 4: What is the lowest u can get on the ASVAB and get in the navy?

Response: That depends on what you want to do, but I’d say if you got a 70 or higher, you can pretty much get whatever job they have available. If they offer you the nuke test, take it because it’ll open up even more opportunities for you.

For instance, even though I failed the nuke test (by only 2 points, dammit!), I believe that me taking it and almost passing gave me the rate & benefits I have now. Accelerated advancement is a beautiful thing, my friend!

Life In…Series Is Coming Back!

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading out with a couple of shipmates from my boot camp division to downtown Chicago to see the sights!

Since I finally have my new camera, a Sanyo Xacti SH-1, I’ll be recording material for an upcoming Life In… episode. However, I can’t edit it because I don’t have my main laptop with me to edit videos. Heck, my netbook can’t even really¬†play HD videos, much less edit them, but that’s not why I bought it.

Anyway, my laptop’s being mailed out to me so I’ll be able to start working on them soon. Stay tuned!!