No One Can Keep A Secret!!!

No One!! Hey this is the Andy-San chillin’ after a most awesome day.

Like I said, today was a good day. I hung out with E and Ben till 10. We did all sortsa suff. We practiced playing Holiday, E cashed in on some of the stuff laying around his house at GameStop to get The New Super Mario Bros (which I now want a lot more having played it), did a fierce workout, and gave E a bunch of new swag.

Ben found out who Wal-Mart Girl is so I figure that it’s rather pointless to keep her name a secret. Her name is Christy and she’s really nice.

In other news, I called the Dean of ITT Tech and found out that there’s no possible way for me to come back even under a new program. I’ve now officially done everything there is to do and I’m not mad at the Dean at all because he did all he could do. So it looks like I’m gonna transfer to Wright State (aiming for Dayton Campus but who knows). Now I gotta get a hold of those people to see what I can do to transfer. It’ll do me good to get out of this town for a while and enjoy life outside the culture bubble of Celina.

But that’s for another day. I’m gonna go to bed or watch some suff so peace-out to all my homies and a shout-out to E whose site I hooked up fat with the One Winged Angel and the Sephiroth pic. Night!


Weight: 206.6 lbs

P.S: I forgot to mention this last night but I put up my first YTMND site. It’s at  . Peace!

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