A New Project Is Born!!

Hey y’all it’s the Andy-San here rockin’ the mic in full effect.

Today was fun. I went over to Eriopolis’ to kick it with him. We went around town with our friend Jake. Then he went home and I showed E my idea for a DoD project and he likes it so far. I have to keep its contents under wraps cuz it’s for DoD, but it should be sweet once it’s finished (that is IF it gets finished). I also gave E some swag and he gave me some grate MTG cards for my Dimur deck in exchange for some of my stuff I got from the Draft tourney. My deck is now a monster 100+ card deck that fairs much better than I thought it would. We also messed around with E and Ben’s Amtguard weapons. I’m craptastic, but I show potential. If I get more aggressive and learn to not turn my head everytime I strike I should be okay.

That’s about it for today and I’m very tired so ‘night everyone!


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