Mission: Ask Wal-Mart Girl Out

Sup everyone it’s the Andy-San again with suff.

Today was semi-productive. I got the Nintendo DS WiFi Adapter and it works grate. On a similar note, I want to congradulate Bernard (the super-awesome Gamestop guy) and his wife on their new baby girl! I also paid a stop to McDonald’s on my lunch hour to play some Tetris on their wireless internet. Man those guys are tough! I’m also gonna put in my resume to Celina Tent to be their Web Gawd!!

In other news, my dilemma has been resolved (for now). I’m gonna ask out Wal-Mart Girl and see what she has to say. I shoulda done it today but the customers can be quite…troublesome…But yeah, she looked good today. She usually wears baggy clothes so I had no idea that she looked that good (not that that has anything to do with anything ^_^).

Well I’m off to bed so good-night everyone!!


P.S: My friend code for Tetris DS is 151498-713740. Peace!

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