I <3 Mission Hill and Suff!

Hey guys it’s the Andy-San here kickin’ it after another long day of work.

I got up around 7:30ish and went to work until 6. E and I also had lunch at Burger King today and I tried the Xtreme Spicy Chicken that came without the jalapenos I wanted but it was still a good sandwich. I walked the dog, ate some tuna, and chilled the rest of the night by watching Mission Hill. I loved that show back in the day and I love it still.

I also caught some of that new ECW show on SciFi Channel. It looked too WWE-esque and lacks the underground feel of the original. Although this ECW is supposed to be completly different from the original while still maintaining some of its feel, it came off to me as another WWE show like Raw or Smackdown. I can’t give a complete opinion on it because I haven’t watched the whole episode and the new ECW just got started so it’s bound to have some kinks to work out. If Paul E. wants ECW to not be WWE Presents ECW, then cut the budget a bit. Remember what happened to Batman? Batman & Robin; ’nuff said (Arnold was a badass Mr. Freeze though). 

Well I think I’m gonna turn in after one more episode of Mission Hill so peace guys!


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