It Came…From McDonald's!!!

Hey guys you got the Andy-San here to tell you about my day.

I actually worked at McDonald’s today instead of Wal-Mart. It killed my legs to stand that long. After work, my family and I went to Arbys then to Burger King to pick up food for supper. I really wished that I had gotten the Jamocha shake from Arbys to go along with the philly steak & swiss sub and curly fries that I ate.

I talked with my mom about going to Wright State after graduating ITT Tech and she really wanted me to but she didn’t think that my stepdad would let me stay at home if I would go. So now I’m torn between going to school to further my education and getting a job with my degree that I’ll get from ITT Tech. I’ll discuss it with my stepdad after our vacation.

Well it’s time to go to bed so peace my homies!


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