Finally It's Here…

Hey y’all it’s the Andy-San again with great news! I didn’t save money by switching to Geico but it’s almost as good.

I was in town today getting some generic Cool Whip when I stopped by Cards-N-Stuff the local trading card shop to look around. I found the deck that Eriopolis wanted me to get and I bought it for 10 bones. I shall try my new deck against one of his tomarrow (or should I say today?).

After working at Wally World all day, I came home to enjoy a homemade pudding pop that I had gotten the Cool Whip for and it was grate ^_^

Then after that, I did my final exam for my online math class and bombed it with a 66%. It’s passing but it works. In a matter of 3 weeks, I raised my grade from a 3% (yes a three percent) to a decent 76% all thanks to my tutor who helped me shake the math rust I’ve accumulated since graduating high school. Much props to her!

Well kiddies I’m gonna hit the sack. I’ve got a grate day ahead of me and I want to enjoy it. Peace out!


4 thoughts on “Finally It's Here…

  1. Craig and Cricket – It was scary how much I had forgotten from being out of high school for 2 years. And the 3% was mostly due to me being lazy and not submitting any work.

    Abbey – We must raid Area 51 ^_^

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