A Case of the Mondays…On a Tuesday?

Hey everyone it’s the Andy-San again with suff to say.

Today was terrible for me. First I had to work at McDonald’s, then I went home to rest a bit and eat, then I went to work at Wal-Mart. I was 10 minutes late to Wal-Mart and I took almost 15 extra minutes on my break so needless to say the managers weren’t pleased with me today. I feel like I’m overworking myself and that I need to have only one job to support myself.

I’ve been seriously considering going to Urbana when I graduate ITT Tech (and yes I do plan to graduate) to make myself more marketable. I want to major in Computer Information Systems by the way. I really need to get out of this town and make some new friends ^_^

I’ve watched all of Green Green except for the 2 OVAs and I hope that Eriopolis liked them too. That’s pretty much it for me so see ya next time!


P.S: I readded Trifecta and Nothing Can Happen to the ODK MySpace although I had to sacrifice quality to get the files to fit. If you don’t have a link it’s www.myspace.com/oofdakitty

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