Another Episode of "Good News/Bad News"

Hello again it’s the Andy-San kickin’ it old-school style!

Today was most productive. I moved all of our stuff that we wanted out of our dad’s house, cleaned it, and organized it (for the most part that is  ^_^). I even got my keyboard and keytar back, both of which are quite 1337.

And with our stuff back in our possession, we were handed the bad news. We couldn’t get any of the guitars, which was not surprising in the least bit but it was still disappointing. I couldn’t even get my own guitar back because they believed that it’s a rarity and worth a lot of money. So for now, all I can do is look up prices for the guitars and make them offers based on the prices. My stepdad said that he may buy some and let me pay him off for them so things are beginning to look better.

I’m gonna get some rest for tomarrow. Peace out!


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