Feeling Down In A Hole

Sup guys it’s the Andy-San hurr in my room again.

Eric and Ben came up for the weekend and I was glad to see them again. Since I left high school, I feel alone. I feel like I have no friends. Of course I have friends, and although I don’t have many, the friends I do have I highly value their friendship. It’s what kept me legally sane all these years. I’m not the life of the party, but I do enjoy the company of others even if I ignore everybody.

I feel empty inside, like there’s something missing. I think that I need a girlfriend. I’ve been putting it off for years because I didn’t think I had the money for it, but hell with it. I believe that a relationship is based on feeling and that money and gifts are symbols of feelings, but they themselves are not feelings. For example, I wouldn’t feel so inclined to getting my dad’s guitars if they weren’t my dad’s. The guitars are symbols of feeling, but take away the connection between them and my dad and they’re just old guitars (nice guitars, but just guitars).

I’m gonna watch some Bleach so I’ll see you guys later!


2 thoughts on “Feeling Down In A Hole

  1. Andy, having a girlfriend may or may not fill your empty hole inside of you. You seem like that you just want to fill this said hole with anything, but you feel that that anything, is a girlfriend. Just getting any girl to be your girlfrined wouldn’t do it. Believe me. I don’t like to be single because I like the fact that I have someone to rely on and vice-versa. Lydia practically filled my empty hole in my life and heart. I thank god every chance I get for letting her into my life. I love her so much. You just need to find what will fill up your void. Don’t be so down on yourself. Things may seem bad, but when they turn around you’ll be so happy you won’t know what to do with yourself.

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