I Might Be Off Soon…

…Actually, I will be off soon, as in Saturday-soon. Hello it’s the Andy-San here chillin’ ‘n illin’ after another b-r-utal bike ride to Wal-Mart.

When I was in Wal-Mart, I bought the new issue of Shonen Jump and I left without looking around because it was getting dark. I really pushed myself on the way home and managed to reach the end of the bike path before it was too dark to see. It was around mid-dusk when I came home. I learned after some quick browsing that riding a bike is the best damn way to burn Calories period besides running, but running suck so biking is better than running. I also learned relatively how many Calories I burn every time I bike to Wal-Mart and back and it’s around the 1,700-2,000 area. Also, I burn around 1,200 Calories at work alone. Adding my Basal Metabolic Rate (see wikipedia for details) of 2,192 a day and it adds up to a total of about 5,200 Calories burned a day. I’m not including the mundane activities like walking upstairs, watching TV/computer, eating and drinking, etc so in actuality, I’m burning well over 5,200 Calories a day! Isn’t that crazy?!

In other news, I’m coming along on my guitar playing but I still want to jam with someone to work on various issues with my playing and to get a second opinion on my playing. I wish I could take lessons, but the way my work schedule looks, I’ll either be unable to work something out or I’ll just barely make it in on time. And plus, jamming with someone is free which is good for my wallet. I’m learning how to play the intro to The Trooper by Iron Maiden, but it’s quite fast so my timing isn’t very good. I’m also working on a couple new melodic licks as well. God, I wish I had a digital camera to record my playing, but I need to focus my spending on a new car, which I should have enough for a cheap-o in 2 weeks, 3 weeks tops.

Like I said in my earlier posts, if this car is good enough to handle a long trip like UU, then I’ll tell the guys when I’m coming over. Depending on my work schedule, I might not even spend the whole weekend there but I dunno.

Well, I’m gonna read my new issue of Shonen Jump that I worked my ass off to get. Oyasumi!


P.S: Oh yeah, and I added a new profile pic because I’m bored.

2 thoughts on “I Might Be Off Soon…

  1. Your comment made me laugh out loud!  πŸ˜›  It was wonderful college advice, but really, I’m not that worried about toilet seat germs. I have to sit on the seat to pee too, and I don’t go to that much trouble.  It’s okay if no one is   in the bathroom while I’m crapping, but I just don’t want people smelling it or hearing it go plop.  (sorry- I’m sure this is too much info)  πŸ˜€

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