What a Bike Ride Part Deux: Journey To The Montezuma

Good evening all, it’s the Andy-San here.

Today was an ok day. I went up to Wal-Mart to get canned air to clean out the air conditioner and I was also looking for a light bulb to replace the one in my room that lasted for decades apparently. The closest I could find was a floodlight, but my aunt said that the neck wasn’t long enough so I put it back. I guess they don’t make bulbs for that style of light fixture anymore and I told her that she should have my cousin replace it with something of this century so we’ll see.

I decided that I should take a shorter bike ride today just in case my muscles weren’t up to another Wal-Mart trek. I went to Montezuma to see how the construction of the roads was going, but my main goal was to see if I could bike all the way to Andy’s Roadhouse and back. Even though it was a shorter route than the bike trail, I didn’t have to convenience of tree cover so I was sweating balls all the way there and back. Also, there were no drinking fountains so I had to totally rough it until I got back home. I did make it and back in one piece (save a pound or two lol) so I feel pretty proud of myself. The road construction made it a bit tricky to figure out how to get all the way to Andy’s Roadhouse, but I looked at where the cars were coming and going and went the same way. The ride there was killer and I was thinking about turning back since my muscles were hurting and I was running out of energy and breath, but the way back was a little easier and when I made it to Coldwater, I raced as fast as I could back home. After I got home, I drank a whole liter of water, took a bath, and watched some anime.

In other news, after I went to Wal-Mart, I went to the music store to get an AC adapter for my pedals. Since I only have one, I can only use one pedal at a time and I wanted to combine both my distortion and my chorus pedals. It worked and I managed to get an audio cable from Dad’s old room and my new sound is quite awesome, although if I turn the amp up a bit (not even that loud, probably up to 3-ish), the speakers begin to crackle. If I get a better amp, I’m sure that it won’t have that problem if I shop smartly enough.

Well, I’m gonna go pee and watch some more anime I think so piss, er, peace-out!


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