The Andy-San's 500th Day Celebration!!!!!1

  Welcome to the Andy-San’s 500th Day Celebration!!!!!1

I wanted to do something big for my 500th day at Xanga, but due to the lack of money, equipment, and time, I couldn’t pull off as big of a surprise as I wanted. That’s not to say that I don’t have a surprise, ‘cuz I do.

Presenting the new logo for my future eBay store:


Today’s been yet another hot, sweaty, and boring day. The dog’s been driving me crazy and I’m getting major cabin fever. It’s been super-lame around here since Eric and Ben went to UU, but even when they were around, I was still bored. I guess I’m a guy who craves excitement all the time. I should start work sometime next week so I won’t be bored all the time like I am now.

In other news, I played my guitar for a while and decided to start recording something. Stay tuned for more info. Anyway, I really would like to jam with someone, but with Ben gone, that only leaves Travis and I don’t feel comfortable playing in front of him and my tiny amp’s not nearly loud enough to compete with his Marshall half-stack (F.Y.I. – he has a Marshall TSL head and a 1960 cabinet).

Well, I’m gonna go ‘cuz this lightning storm might knock out the power so see-ya and thanks for hanging with me for 500 days!!!!!1


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