My New Life Plan…For Now…

Hey there, it’s me, the Andy-San and I’m coming at you LIVE…IN STEREO…

I’ve been doing some thinking about where my life’s going and I’ve decided to write out a plan for the next 10 or so years. Here’s a quick draft:

–    Work my arse off to pay my bills (especially UU).
–    Save up to get Ben’s car.

–    Apply to Wright State or Edison to knock off my general-education courses like math and English to reduce my tuition costs and wasted time that would be better spent on courses      for my major in Japanese.

2011 or 2012 (whenever I’m done with my gen-eds):
–    Apply for BGSU (I found that they’re cheaper and they have a 3-year program instead of the usual 4-year).

2012 or 2013-2015 or 2016 (hopefully I get out earlier):
–    Work on my BA in Asian Studies with an emphasis on Japanese and possibly a minor in Management Information Services so my other credits won’t go to waste.

2015 or 2016-2016 or 2017:
–    Apply for the JET and fly over to Japan to teach Japanese people (kids probably) how to speak English.

2016 or 2017- (whenever I get tired of Japan or I can’t get a Visa anymore):
–    Work for a company that makes use of my bilingual skills (customer service, proofreading documents, etc).

There you have it: my life plan for the next 10 years. It’s gonna be a long and rough journey but I hope to come out on top (holy double-entendres, Batman!!!1)!

In other news, I’m getting loads better on playing that G-Major scale. I really wanna work on barre chords because I’m really having trouble playing them.

Well, I’m gonna watch something so peace-out and wish me luck on getting a factory job!


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