The World Can Be Fucked-Up Sometimes

Ohayo gozaimasu, it’s the Andy-San chillin’ n’ illin’ this morn’.

I was browsing around the Interwebs the other day and found out that Chris Benoit, one of my favorite wrestlers, killed his son and wife before killing himself. Since I don’t keep up with what’s going on in the wrestling world anymore, I got the news well after the RAW tribute show and the apology before ECW started up. I can’t quite piece it together.How could a well-respected athlete who was soft-spoken and friendly outside the ring do something that horrific and shocking? I haven’t been more worked up over a wrestler’s death since I saw Owen Hart plummet 70-some feet and snap his neck at Over The Edge in 1999. Even though I might be criticized for defending a murderer, I still say Rest In Peace Benoit family. I believe that Chris’ inner demons got the better of him and I hope that Whoever does the soul-sorting takes that into consideration and allows him to repent or something.

On a happier note, here’s the summary of my week:
-Sunday & Monday: went over to Ben’s to show off the new guitar and jammed.
-Tuesday: worked.
-Wednesday: worked and after that, I got my craptastic check of $50. I was promised when I was hired that I would be making $7 an hour, but on my check I’m making $6.85 instead. I might have loved to make that kind of money back in my McDonald’s heyday, but nowadays, it’s not nearly enough to cover my massive bills. I gotta pay off UU, my credit cards, and my lawyer as well as some other expenses that I might be forgetting. My cousin’s still talking with the people that he works with to get me a job there so I hope it works out for me there.
-Thursday: worked.
-Friday: worked.
-Saturday: went on my cousin’s boat to watch the fireworks. It was fun.

In other news, I’m still working on these heavy riffs that I came up with the other day. I’m also thinking of switching my stock pickups in my new guitar (although they’re really good for stock) with DiMarzio Evolutions. Any opinions?

Well, I’m go get some fod so see-ya!


P.S: When I was writing this post it was morning so don’t get on my case about saying “Ohayo gozaimasu” in the morning. Thank-you.

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