Our Band…

…needs a little work. Hey you guys, it be the Andy-San hurr in full effect.

I’m sure you guys wanna know about our first practice as a band. Well, it was a bit of a disaster. First off, our bassist Chip brought his guitar instead of his bass. Then, he brought his bro and his friend to practice. So it was looking bad from the get-go, but I decided not to prematurely call it quits. We started things off with “When I Come Around” and Chip & my bro Jon were playing it in double-time. I told them to slow down so I can sing the song proper. They also were being UBER-METALLLLLL!!!!!1 and didn’t turn their shit down so I could hear myself singing so I ended up screaming and sounding like shit.

Shit I learned from the practice: I’m apparently the band leader, Jon and Chip need to chillax and stop being METALLL ALL THE TIME!!! and focus on the groove, and I need to stop stopping a song unless we’re totally blowing ass.

Resolutions for next practice: chillax and tell them what parts of a song they need to work on AFTER we finish the song, have Jon take it easy on the distortion and volume, have Chip bring in his bass instead of his guitar as well as his bass amp, and better organize the practice session so that we’re all focused and on the same page.

Ideally, I want to play not this coming Friday but the Friday after. If we’re not ready then, we’ll practice until we are. Also, since Chip is a good guitarist, if he doesn’t want to be the bassist, then we’ll look for a bassist and have him on lead guitar but until then, he’ll be the bassist.

Well, I’m gonna go to Wal-Mart since my app expired and they called me about a position that’s open and I nor they know what it was since my app expired. Laterz!


P.S: It’s been 679 days and 261 posts since I joined Xanga.

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