Happy Daddy Day Part Deux

Hey guys it’s the Andy-San here spending Father’s Day fatherless.

It’s going to be 3 long years on July 3rd since my dad passed away. Since then, my life’s been getting harder to live. Of course, it’s not all bad. I went to an actual college for a year and made some cool new friends, learned to play guitar, and discovered beautiful new music. I visited his and my grandma & grandpa’s graves today to remember them.

In other news, I came up with some killer riffs last night. I still need to hit up a pawn shop for some new gear, though.

I’ve been watching X-Men: Evolution today and although it’s not as good as the original X-Men animated series, it still has its merits. Oh and for you Ranma 1/2 and Beast Wars lovers out there, Venus Terzo (the voice of female Ranma and Blackarachnia) does the voice of Jean Grey in Evolution too.

Well, I’m gonna watch some moAr so see-ya!


P.S: This is Post #198. Only 2 moAr to go!!

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