Nanaka 6/17 Is Grate, I'm Still Jobless, and Shizzies Still Don't Understand. MoAr @ 11!!!

Hola! It’s the Andy-San hurr with a svety arse.

I noticed that Megan addressed my quote to Eric which was the basis of my previous post. Here it is:

[quote] “(1) Andy, that actually is not the difference between a geek and a nerd. A geek is “any smart person with an obsessive interest.” They are “more mainstream than previously believed” and “like to talk about the object of their affection, sometimes far more than anyone is willing to listen.” Nerd, on the other hand, are “any smart person with an obsessive interest, but also a lack of social grace.” They are “uncompromisingly pure, often more comfortable with themselves than non-nerds are. . . [and] promiscuous studiers. . . [T]hey gravitate toward math, science, and technology.” “Geeks can blend in, nerds stand out, but neither craves acceptance.” Also, it i possible that “geekdom is a lifestyle choice and nerddom is. . . genetic.” Additionaly, “geeks interact with nongeeks [and] nerds prefer to–or have no choice but to–hang with their own kind.” Although both can be extroverted, an important difference is that “geeks annoy and nerds elicit (unneeded) sympathy.” Finally, “there is less diversity among nerds than among geeks,” and while geeks may not get along, nerds can probably create a united front. Dweebs are mega nerds and dorks are “stupid, grating, or othetrwise unpleasant” (Nobleman, Marc Tyler. What’s the Difference?: How to Tell Things Apart That Are Confusingly Close  [Barnes & Noble: New York, 2005], pp. 30-31).” [/quote]

I suppose that Megan is moAr correct than I am, but I guess it depends on your perception.

I walked up to McDonald’s today to personally check on my application and the manager wrote my name down (correctly without me spelling it) and said that the manager that deals with applicants will receive it. Ya, I know that it’s the same ol’ runaround but I’m more likely to get a job if I badger them than if I sat on my ass all day and did nothing.

Oh, I got my mp3 player back from Panasonic today and it works grate. I posted my good news on The Shizz and they’re still pissy at me. I don’t know what would compell people to hate someone like they do me. I mean sure I was an utter a-hole when I first came to the board and I let my temper and ADD get the better of my posts. However, I believe that I have changed from those dark days. Now I know that most people would say ‘fuck those fucking fuckers, I’m going somewhere else’, but I really like the music scene there and some of the artists are real inspirations for me even though they’re not rich and famous.

I’ve been watching Nanaka 6/17 and it’s really good. I recommend watching it, especially Episode 8.

Well I’m gonna go finish it so take care everyone!!!


P.S: This is Post #196 so there’s 4 left until Post #200!!!!

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