Steppin' Out of the House…

…Is definatly a good idea!! Hey guys it’s the Andy-San here in my room.

Yesterday I went over to Eric’s to see what he’s been up to. His living room has been redone and it looks sweet! Ben was jamming with Goofy (Identity Crisis’ bassist and vocalist) when I showed up. Ben convinced Eric to hop on vocals while Goofy took lead guitar and I was on rhythm guitar. I was horribly off-beat so I really need some more practice. Travis and Kyle showed up when their band’s practice session was cancelled due to a lack of people. Travis blew my ass away when he hopped on guitar and Kyle hopped on drums. He’s really improved from the last time I heard him play and Kyle’s gotten better as well. Travis also told me that his band’s looking for a new bassist and I told him that I’d love to join so we’ll see where it goes. After that, I saw a couple episodes of My-HiME and it looks good.

Well I’m gonna go get some fod so see-ya!


P.S: This is Post #194. Only 6 moAr to go!!!!!!

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