Today's Episode: Wow, Penetration or How I Didn't Spend V-Day

Hey all you crazy lovebirds, it be the Andy-San hurr once again single for the 22nd year in a row (most people kill themselves around the 16th or so year, but I’ve got better things to do so don’t worry).

I guess the reason I’m still single is that I haven’t met anyone who excites me. Sure, I probably could have had a girlfriend in high school and in college, but I didn’t find any of the girls there really worth my time. In high school, I guess I felt pressured to get a girlfriend because it seemed that everyone had one and if you didn’t have one you were considered sexually inferior or worse, gay. I was seriously afraid that people would think I was gay since I didn’t have a girlfriend. It wasn’t until I became friends with my not-gay-anymore friend Dan that I lost that fear. I accepted myself as a single straight man and nothing more.

In other news, the band’s gonna jam in its entirety today. Yeah, we got a drummer now. Also, our gig at the coffee house on this Friday has been moved. They’re trying to get this guy, who’s really good, to play and they’ll have us open for them. It will be on a Friday, but I dunno if it’ll be next Friday or the Friday after. I will post it when we have a confirmed date. We’ve also tweeked the setlist a bit and I want to add another song since we bumped a song off. So far, we have 5 songs and an encore song. I really want to record our performance and put it up on YouTube for grate justice.

Also, if you guys were wondering, I’ve decided to cancel my Raw Score again. It didn’t pique the YouTube community’s interest as much as I’d thought and I was losing interest in pro wrestling again. It might come back, but considering how long of a hiatus it was on when I brought it back the first time, don’t hold your breath.  

Well, I’m gonna go now so I’ll see you cats on the flip-side. Laterz!


P.S: It’s been 674 days and 260 posts since I joined Xanga.

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