Guess Who's Back…

…Back again. Andy’s back. Tell a friend. Hey there one and all, it’s the Andy-San here once again to dispense my nigh-Bob Sagat-sized chunks of wisdom to the masses.

My Internets have literally just been restored. What I mean is as soon as I was connected, I was here. But anyway, onto what I’ve been up to.

It was tough moving all of my stuff out of the dorms and into Eric’s dad’s truck and my computer into Eric’s car, but we made it through and I’m currently residing in my aunt’s house (yes that aunt; we’re cool now) in the bustling city of Coldwater (ya rigth). I feel so at peace here it’s almost crazy. Right now, I’m looking for a good-paying factory job, but so far I’ve yet to receive a call. I’m also in the market for a car and I want to buy Ben’s old car for $2,000, but until I get a job, I might have to wait and save up liek mad.

As for Urbana, I got my grades back, and they sucked big-time. I kinda figured that they would considering the level of stress I put myself into. My ENG-100 I got a C in, which was a bit disappointing cuz I wanted a higher grade. My Fine Arts I got a D in, which really surprised me because I thought that since I did so well on my project that my grade would be higher but I guess not. My Math and Eng-101 I both failed and I know why. My Eng-101 I could’ve easily passed, but I missed the exam because I mistook the room that we were to take the exam in as a different class so I bypassed it. As for math, well, I’m kicking myself in the ass for not getting help from Eric when he kept on offering. I assumed that I was doing good since I didn’t receive a letter saying that I had a D or an F.

Now that I have no need to worry about my parents throwing me out of the house, I can go to my next college without that straining me. Like I said before, I want to study Japanese at OSU, but right now, my financial aid is looking rather dire. I need to first pay off UU in order to get my transcripts to send to OSU. I have until September to do this unless I postpone my enrollment date to next year so that I can be financially set for OSU and have paid off UU. In the meantime, I’m toying with the possibility of going to a community college to boost my GPA and credits as well as keep my brain in college-shape.

In other news, I heard Ben’s band (currently called Identity Crisis, but they plan on changing the name) play their main song “Low” and another instrumental song yesterday and I gotta tell ya, the band’s very tight. I’ve heard some local bands and considering that they’ve only practiced five times, Identity Crisis has grate potential. I’m not saying that to kiss ass; they seriously kick ass!!1 Their first live performance is at Ben’s graduation party on the 26th (which Eric plans on recording and having me put it up on YouTube) so be thurr or be squarr. I’ve also been practicing the songs to improve my timing as well.

Well, that’s about it from Ol’ Man Andy for today so peace-out urrbody and thanks for stickin’ around.


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