"New" Essays and MoAr!!1

Yo it be the Andy-San here chillaxin’ in my dorm room.

I’ve put up all of the essays and stuff from ENG-101 on my Facebook so check ’em out if you have Facebook.

My roommate moved out of the room so I have it all to myself until Thursday when I move out. Dan’s movin’ out later on today and I’m real sad about it. Actually, I’m sad about the whole moving-out in general. I’ve made a lot of friends here in UU and I’m gonna miss ’em all.

Speaking of which, I still haven’t received any word from OSU about my acceptance or rejection. I really hope that the guy I talked to this past weekend fixed all of my info or else I might have to reapply.

Uhh, can’t stay up any longer. Well, I’m out!!


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