86 Si Kebert Xela

“So what the fuck does the title say, Andy?! Is it a message glorifying Satan because you did do a post on Satanism awhile back?! WHAT IS IT?!!!1″ Why, it’s to celebrate the 68th birthday of one of my childhood idols, Alex Trebek!

I remember the good ol’ days, back when Dad was a crazy S.O.B. and tried to drown one of our neighbors because he was the Anti-Christ. Ahh, I played tons of rented video games for the Super NES and watched lots of awesome 90’s movies, all from our local Starstruck Video store. We are still their best customers TO THIS DATE even though we haven’t rented anything from them since the mid-to-late-90s!!!

I also enjoyed the hijinks of one man with the most bitchin’ moustache ever made evAr!! One man who, against all odds, sought to teach us everything that we were never taught before. I am talking about the one, the only,

Alex Trebek!!1
Alex Trebek!!1

Along with Pat Sajak, Alex has been my favorite game show host during my childhood.

So here’s some cheers for you, Alex Trebek!! You guys can knock back a few like the man himself and play some Phone Jeopardy! while you’re at it!

You’ve had 68 years of giving us answers and us giving you questions!! Here’s to many moAr!!1

And here’s hoping that you grow your moustache back!!


P.S: It’s been 62 days since www.theandysan.com has been up and 34 days since www.spicymelon.com has been up. www.spicymelon.com is back up again, but I’m going to be retooling it so it might take a bit before I regularly update it again. Stay tuned!

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