The End of the Year Is Near!!!1

Yo it’s the Andy-San here in my dorm after the final Genshiken showing of the year.

I’ve been planning out my summer and I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. I plan on living with my aunt in Coldwater and working my ass off in a factory or some other place to earn enough money to pay off some of my many expenses, get a car, pay on its insurance for as long as I’m in school for that year, and have a good amount of money to spare. Daunting, yes, but I believe that I can do it. Also, next summer, I’ll work on my other expenses. I’ll be tackling my credit card debt and my lawyer fees this summer.

Moving is gonna be problematic. Eric has a lot of stuff that he’s moving out so he’ll have little to no room. Amanda gave me a solid maybe, but because she lives right in town, her own moving will be easy. I don’t have a lot of things to move, but finding someone to help me move is the real problem. I was able to fit all of my things into the back of the family SUV except for my guitar, amp, and bike when I first came to UU. The bike’s gonna be my biggest problem since it’s the biggest thing I have here. Hopefully everything’ll work out and I’ll be moved into my aunt’s house on Thursday.

Another thing I’m worried about is the possible lack of Internet access at my aunt’s house. If she doesn’t have access, I’ll probably buy a cable modem and subscribe until September. This may be one of my last posts until I get to OSU (that is if I get in).

Oh, speaking of which, I’ve finally gotten ahold of OSU and made some major changes (literally). I’ve changed my major from Computer Information Services to Japanese (with a possibility of minoring in Computer Information Services), changed my address to my aunt’s house, and changed my starting time from Summer 2007 to Fall 2007. I’ve decided to change my major because I’ve done some soul searching and found that my desire to program computers has waned. Because I have a decent amount of credits from ITT Tech, I don’t want to simply give up on it entirely. I want to persue it as a minor so that I get to do what I want with my Japanese major and put my old credits to good use.

Well, I’m gonna go see if the gang wants to play Risk so I’ll see you guys later!


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