Journey To The Animarithon – Epilogue

Hey guys it’s the Andy-San here in the computer lab waiting for my din-din.

Genshiken UU (read: me, Eric, Sean, and Phil) went to our first anime convention yesterday and it was truly a blast!! The Shizzon cosplayed as Alucard from Hellsing and although I had my skepticisms about it, to say that it was a hit is to say that the Pacific Ocean is damp (RIP Richard Jeni). He was glomped (forcefully hugged) at least 5 time and had God knows how many photos taken of him.

The rest of our little group also helped him out in both the Cos-Arena (think RPG battle with cosplayers and gracious volunteers) and the Cosplay Competition, which was easily the highlight of the night. We performed a skit that we all thought up during the 2 hour trek to the con. Eric’s intro speech was grate: “Ok, we just thought this up on the car ride here. *points to himself* Vampire, *points to me and Phil* Ghouls, *points at Sean* Not a Gundam.” The reaction was killer and the skit was basically Outtakes of Hellsing with Sean “forgetting” to bring his gun to the battle, my delayed reaction to being shot (which was real because I thought that when he got his gun he was suppose to forget to cock it and thus I wouldn’t be hit by the shot, but due to an on-the-spot change of him actually shooting me, I just stood there with a puzzled look on my face. Eric knocked me down and it came off as if I meant to do that), and some other things that I couldn’t see because I was on the ground face-up.

It won us the Best Rookie Performance, which was a big shock to me even though I planned on winning because the other skits in the Rookie catagory were really good. There was a funny commercial for glomp and anti-glomp spray with Kakashi-Sensai, one with Sora and Riku and a yaoi (male-on-male) kiss (ironically, the cosplayers were girls but their characters are guys), and Rude from FFVII: Advent Children getting not one, not two, not three, not four, but five of his sunglasses stomped on. Overall, Animarathon was an excellent experience and it has gotten me addicted to cons.

Well it’s time for my din-din so I’ll see-ya around. Peace!


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