I Gots Talent

Hey guys, it’s the Andy-San here kickin’ it in my dormroom after the talent show.

Well, I didn’t win the talent show, but I did get in 3rd. The 1st place winner was good, but the only reason he won was because he had a bunch of his buddies come in and vote for him. The 2nd place guy honestly deserved it. He was really good. As for me, it was a case of being on the losing side of the numbers game.

I actually performed 3 times tonight. I first stepped in for the emcee, who was dying on the mic singin’ Ice Ice Baby, and surprised everyone by holding my own, despite me running out of breath on a couple lines. The second time was the performance that I originally wanted to do with my guitar. However, I stretched it out for too long and it ended up being too repatative. My final performance was a karaoke to Crazy Train. I almost blew the emcee’s head off with the beginning “All Aboard!!! HA-HA-HA-HA!!!….” I felt like this was my strongest performance, but everyone loved Ice Ice Baby the most.

All in all, I have a ways to go before I get really good. I am, however, making great progress.

Oh, and Eriopolis recorded part of Ice Ice Baby, but the camera died on him near the end. I put it up in my video section and on YouTube as well. I also had Dan take an audio recording of my guitar solo. Check it out in my audio section.

Well, I do believe that I’m gonna go read some MegaTokyo before I hit the hay. Night!


P.S: I finally got what I’m listening to up. The system be faulty, dogg!

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